Film Thirteen: Anomalisa (2015)

Anomalisa (2015) is an animation directed by Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman, following the story of a mundane corporate author that struggles to connect with others until meeting a woman that changes his world on a one-night stay at a Cincinnati hotel.

The film was relatively simple in regards to the storyline, but still brilliantly crafted nonetheless. With a cast of only three voice actors: David Thewlis as Michael Stone, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lisa, and Tom Noonan as every other voice; the film was incredibly unique and effective. In a strange and nonsensical way you get your heart broken, and mended, and broken again as you experience the world of Michael Stone.

Through the various techniques used within the film, the director was able to create a world where the audience is able to focus more on the emotional and psychological aspects of the characters. The style of animation, music, and every aspect of the world of Anomalisa ask the audience the same question, what stops you from leading a happy life?


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