Auditioning Actors: Baggage

After a long three-day Directing Actors workshop, where we learnt skills in directing, auditioning, and understanding actors, it was finally time to put these skills into practise in our own audition process for our upcoming short films. As I helped out on some of my fellow classmates auditions, it was interesting to see how they encompassed the skills from the workshop into their own approach.

Personally, one of the most interesting hurtles of my auditions was handling different personality types and actively changing the dynamics of the audition to bring out the actor’s best performance. It was also interesting to establish an actor-director dynamic with different characters; and see how each individual received and interpreted the direction they were given.

Another interesting concept regarding the audition process for my short film, was it being a non-dialogue film and the way the actors approached it. In some cases, I found an actor would over-dramatize in order to compensate for the non-dialogue element of the scenario. It was challenging to try and bring those theatrical elements down and bring the authenticity out, whilst maintaining an affable dynamic.

Overall, my audition process worked out incredibly well. I found that on the day of my rehearsal and my shoot the actor’s understood my direction, and could interpret it effectively to emphasise the emotions and dynamics I wanted to realise in the scene.


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