Racial Segregation within the Film Industry

My Easter weekend was filled with multiple trips to the cinema to see several new action-thrillers, including Babak Najafi’s ‘London Has Fallen1. It was an entertaining sequel to the 2013 blockbuster ‘Olympus has Fallen’; yet both films have managed to disappoint me with the racial segregation in their antagonist entities. In Najafi’s ‘London has Fallen’ we follow the story of a widespread attack on the city of London led by a Pakistani arm’s dealer1. In Antoine Fuqua’s action-fuelled film of 2013 ‘Olympus has Fallen’ we follow the story of a well-choreographed assault on the White House led by a North-Korean terrorist group2. Again, we see another set of Hollywood propaganda movies coercing racism against the stereotypical countries that America deems threatening. Not only are these films blatantly encouraging cultural discrimination, but it is brainwashing society to uphold the values of westernized culture with it’s indifference for foreign lives, yet incredibly high regard for the lives within its own nation.

The release of films such as these are of extremely poor taste considering the times we live in. With political entities growing the fear industry against biological terrorism with falsely exaggerated stories and statements from activists3, this subtle programming within the film industry reinforcing the stereotype against ‘enemies of state’4 seems unjust and unoriginal. If every film ever made featured the hero as Superman and the villain as Zod, we would not be so mesmerized. So why do we allow the big players within the film industry to bombard us with political propaganda to increase discrimination, racism, and forced allegiance. Just between these two films, we see the heightened prejudice against America’s largest rivals. Without knowing it, the younger generation of today’s society is being subtly indoctrinated to adhere to this propaganda and think of these victimized cultures as the enemy. It’s time to rethink the accepted norms of the film industry and show some genuine innovation in character choices and plots. Show some creativity Hollywood, because I’m getting tired and offended by your same old story.


  1. London Has Fallen. DVD. Directed by Babak Najafi. UK, USA, Bulgeria: Millenium Films, 2016.
  1. Olympus Has Fallen. DVD. Directed by Antoine Fuqua. USA: Millenium Films, 2013.
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